Letter of the day: Extended smoking ban would kill off our pubs

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Here we go again, more proposed smoking bans.

This time asking that the existing smoking ban be extended to outside pubs and restaurants, which would include their gardens.

This would surely be the final nail in the coffin for our declining pubs.

When are these so-called ‘do-gooders’ going to wake up to the damage that has already be done to the licenced trade?

Do these same people complain when they wait at a bus stop or just walk down the road breathing in all the exhaust fumes from cars, buses and lorries?

There’s more damage to health from the public highway than a fella standing outside a pub having a puff in the wind, rain and snow!

Another gripe by these busybodies is that us smokers are a burden on the NHS.

May I remind them that we pay more into the system than the non-smoker by way of heavy taxation on our little bit of pleasure?

The following is from the Tobacco Manufacturers’ Association: ‘The tax, both excise duty and VAT, raised through the sale of tobacco products continues to be a major source of revenue for the government, contributing around £12.3bn annually.

‘This is, according to the Treasury, equivalent to more than 2p on the basic rate of income tax or over 11p on the top rate of income tax.’

Get a life you moaners and leave us £12.3bn smokers alone.

If not, you may lose your FREE National Health Service let alone all of our local boozers.

Rob Guyatt

Thrush Walk, Waterlooville