Letter of the Day: The Guildhall Walk Healthcare Centre should be kept open

Guildhall Walk Healthcare Centre  walk-in centre interior
Guildhall Walk Healthcare Centre walk-in centre interior
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Why close the Guildhall Walk Healthcare Centre, with its 8am to 8pm/365 days a year opening times at the very time that the government is wrestling with its pre-election promise to open all GP surgeries for longer hours?

There seems to be a glaring inconsistency between national pledges and local action.

For the past seven years the city has been well served by the Guildhall facility.

Old and young, visitors and local homeless people, students and those from ethnic-minority backgrounds, have all been able to ‘walk in’ and seen a doctor.

You might think a real model for the future.

But no, its services are to move to the Somers Town Hub - where the NHS has ‘void space’, (with no guarantee of longer opening hours) and to St Mary’s which is less accessible to people living in the inner city and where parking is difficult.

Patient power in the new NHS?

Regrettably, it seems not on this occasion. We say copy the Guildhall centre, don’t close it!

Dr Alan Burnett


Portsmouth Pensioners’ Association