Lisa shares tips to get by with only one arm

SUPPORT Lisa Clements was born without the lower part of her left arm.  Picture: Paul Jacobs (120507-3)
SUPPORT Lisa Clements was born without the lower part of her left arm. Picture: Paul Jacobs (120507-3)

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FOR most people tying up their shoelaces or learning to drive is a straight forward task to learn.

But for Lisa Clements, these skills, along with many others, have been difficult to master because of her disability.

The 30-year-old was born with part of her left arm missing.

From the age of six, Lisa, of Portsmouth Road, Horndean, has worn a prosthetic arm from the elbow down.

But even with the prosthetic arm, Lisa has had to adapt the way she does things to make it work for her – from small tasks to bigger tasks like learning to drive.

And now she wants to share the tips she has picked up over the years with other people in a similar situation.

She has created the Facebook group Armless Advice and hopes to help others.

Tips range from opening a bottle of wine and tying up shoelaces to links for support groups.

Lisa said: ‘I hope people do not take offence to the name, but it does what it says really.

‘I want to share the things I learnt, and if other people want to contribute then that’s fine too.’

Lisa said the current support offered doesn’t always help.

‘My left arm from my elbow down is missing from birth and no reason was given.

‘I’ve had a prosthetic arm, but it hasn’t been the most flexible – for instance I can’t control the power of my grip.

‘There are problems that you face with everyday tasks and I found there wasn’t much support for adults having to deal with this.

‘The support you get for children is amazing, like you have the charity Reach.

‘It’s really good with providing support.

‘But as you get older you find a lot of charities are for people that have lost a limb if they have been in the armed forces.

‘That can be very different to being born without part of your arm.’

To get more information go to

Or find Lisa on Twitter under @armlessadvice.