Look out for early signs of dementia

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BEING aware of signs showing the early stages of dementia could help identify the condition.

In line with national Dementia Week, which runs until May 25, a doctor at Queen Alexandra Hospital, Cosham, has put together a guide of signs to look out for.

Dr Zoe Hemsley said: ‘Dementia can be difficult to identify as it affects everyone in different ways, but there are some key symptoms which provide a good indication that someone may be developing it.’

Common early warning signs have been put together by Dr Hemsley, along with charity the Alzheimer’s Society. They include:

n Memory loss – struggling to remember recent events, but easily recalling things from the past.

n Mood changes – feeling anxious, depressed or angry.

n Problems with communication and reasoning – repeating yourself or losing the thread of what you are saying or finding it hard to follow conversations.

For more information visit alzheimers.org.uk.