Luis gets backing from prime minister for his organ donor campaign

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A YOUNG boy has received a letter from the prime minister after launching a campaign to get people signed up to the organ donor register.

Luis Goncalves, from Gosport, was delighted when he received a page-long personal letter from David Cameron.

The nine-year-old has been contacting MPs ever since he left Great Ormond Street Hospital, in London, after his dad Ed, 45, donated a kidney to him.

He told The News he was happy to get the letter.

‘I think (my campaign) is doing well,’ he said.

‘I was on dialysis for one year and that was horrible. Five years or more must be absolutely awful.’

In the letter, the prime minister wrote: ‘First, let me say how pleased I am to read of your successful kidney transplant and that with the help of your dad donating a kidney to you, you were able to come off dialysis.

‘As you say, you are very lucky to have such a kind dad.

‘I want as many people as possible who need organ transplants to get them.

‘The government has supported a number of initiatives to encourage people to add their names to the donor register.’

And it is Luis’ experience of winning his first battle against end stage kidney failure that made him launch his campaign.

As previously reported in The News, Luis’ dad Ed, 45, gave him a kidney after he spent a year on dialysis.

Now he is systematically working through the House of Commons, and spent last week emailing MPs with surnames starting with F and G.

Kind-hearted Ed wants good to come from his son’s suffering.

He wants government to consult and legislate, bringing together MPs’ disparate plans to make it easier to join the donor register.

Both Ed and Luis will be attending the NHS Blood and Transplant meeting with MPs next month.

Ed said: ‘There are a number of ideas and what we need to do is for everyone to be able to share those ideas to come up with an actual plan.

‘How the organ donor register works needs to be clarified.

‘And how you get on to the register needs to be simplified.’

See to track the youngster’s campaign.