March on Pompey to support campaign

The Fox and Hounds in Waterlooville. Credit: Google Street View

Waterlooville pub to host prostate cancer fundraiser

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POMPEY fans were today marching on Fratton Park in support of Blue September.

The international campaign aims to raise awareness of male cancers and urges men to get help before it’s too late.

Supporters were asked to wear blue and march on Fortress Fratton from the Spinnaker Tower before the match against Blackpool this afternoon.

The march was due to begin at 12.30pm, and everyone taking part could have their face painted at the start.

Peter Barker, chief executive of the Men’s Health Forum, said: ‘Men in the UK are about 60 per cent more likely to develop one of the cancers that affects both men and women, such as lung or bowel cancer. Men are also about 70 per cent more likely to die from one of these cancers.

‘If there’s one thing that blokes in this country aren’t very good at, it’s seeking help sooner rather than later.

‘We don’t want men to wait until they’ve got a lump the size of a melon before they go to their doctor and say that there’s something wrong.’

There will also be a bucket collection at the Peterborough game on Tuesday night.