Marine Greg to give ladies their marching orders in boot camp

Ex-Marine Greg to give ladies their marching orders in boot camp.''    Picture: Allan Hutchings (110307-250)
Ex-Marine Greg to give ladies their marching orders in boot camp.'' Picture: Allan Hutchings (110307-250)
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AN ex-Royal Marine will put mums through their paces in a military-style boot camp.

Fitness instructor Greg Allison has designed a fitness regime based on his experiences of intense physical training in the Armed Forces.

His five-times-a-week schedule is designed to boost fitness and help women lose weight.

The boot camp begins on Monday and he already has 15 women signed up to take part.

‘It’s going to be a lot of fun,’ said 28-year-old Greg from North End.

‘I run Military Martial Arts classes for kids and a lot of mums sit in watching and saying “I wish I could do something like that”.

‘They see how fit their children get and want to do it too but a lot of women don’t seem to be that comfortable going straight in to a martial arts environment because it’s seen as very male-dominated.

‘So I’ve come up with something specifically for mothers who would like to lose weight and get in great shape.’

Initially, women sign up for four weeks of training.

There are indoor sessions four nights a week and every Sunday there is a ‘Speed March’ – originally designed for Commandos in the Second World War.

The women taking part in the boot camp will also complete Kickboxercise workouts, including military style ton ups which are made up of strengthening exercises designed to physically prepare soldiers for combat.

Greg, who left the marines to guard diplomats at Downing Street, said: ‘It’ll be tough but I’m hoping the women will enjoy it.

‘All of the women who’ve signed up share the same thing in common, which is that they want to improve their fitness and see where they go from there.’

As well as their fitness regime with Greg, the women will be set homework exercises to keep them toning up between training sessions.

Zoe Harding, 26, has signed up with her sister Jamie.

She said: ‘I can’t wait to get started although I am scared about what Greg is going to have us doing.

‘I’ve never done anything like this before – I just hope it isn’t going to kill me.’

The office worker added: ‘I rarely do any exercise apart from the occasional walk to work.

‘It’s going to be tough but it will be fun and hopefully in a few weeks’ time I’ll be feeling really good about myself.

‘I’ve never heard of anything like this here before. It’s going to be extremely challenging. I’m going to be well out of my comfort zone with the military training but that will be a good thing because the harder I’m pushed the more determined I will be to do it.’

To find out more about the boot camp, call Greg on 07725 319081.