Medical centre closure in Fareham will see mental health services move

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A MEDICAL centre that provides support to people with mental illnesses is moving as part of a bid to save money.

The Osborn Centre in Osborn Road, Fareham, which is run by Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust, will close at the end of this year and its services will be relocated.

A spokeswoman for the trust confirmed the move yesterday.

She said: ‘This is part of our plan to make better use of our resources, reducing the size of our estate and ensuring more joined-up working between our community health teams.

‘No services will stop as a result of the move.’

The spokeswoman said that all patients are being notified by mail, and they are also being told at appointments. She added: ‘From December, the services at Osborn Road will instead be offered at local GP practices in Fareham and Gosport, at The Potteries in Wickham Road, Fareham and at Fareham Community Hospital in Sarisbury Green.

‘People will be offered appointments at locations that are as convenient for them to access as possible.

‘Additionally, our community mental health team will continue to provide their service in people’s homes in the area.’

The Osborn Centre – or Osborn Clinc as it is sometimes known – building is owned by Fareham Borough Council, which has plans to renovate it, with the intention of letting it as offices, or redeveloping the site as housing.

Council leader councillor Sean Woodward said the council would be looking ‘very carefully’ at what could be done with the site, especially as the authority announced last month that it needs to find another 2,000 houses to meet demand by 2036.

Cllr Woodward said: ‘We will be looking at all options for it, which may or may not include refurbishing it.

‘Part of that area is where we are looking at very carefully in terms of brownfield development for housing.’

Cllr Woodward added that the move of services would enable more people to reach the services more conveniently as they would now be spread around the borough.

‘It is not being lost, it’s being reprovided,’ he added