Minister in visit to GPs at health centre

NHS workers could get a 6.5 per cent pay rise

NATIONAL: NHS workers could get 6.5 per cent pay rise over three years

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HEALTH minister Lord Howe visited GPs taking part in a pilot scheme to explore how doctors will manage healthcare budgets.

Groups of GPs are to take charge of much of the budget in the coming few years, replacing the role of primary care trusts which commission services.

A group of South East Hampshire GPs has been chosen by the government to be one of 52 groups – called pathfinders – in England to test different design concepts for GP bodies, identify any issues and solutions and share what they have learned with other GPs around the country.

Lord Howe this week visited GPs at Brune Medical Centre in Gosport, which is part of a South East Hampshire group.

He said: ‘The team in south east Hampshire is doing a fantastic job, and are already designing services to need the needs of patients in the area. It’s clear they know their patients and understand their communities better than anyone, and so are best-placed to decide how money should be spent on healthcare in the area.’