More A&E staff to be taken on at Queen Alexandra Hospital

NUMBERS UP More staff are set to be hired at Queen Alexandra Hospital's A&E department thanks to a funding boost
NUMBERS UP More staff are set to be hired at Queen Alexandra Hospital's A&E department thanks to a funding boost

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a £1.4m cash boost for Queen Alexandra Hospital will pay for extra staff and improving community healthcare.

As previously reported, Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust, which runs QA, has been awarded the cash by the Department of Health to help with winter pressures and demands.

An extra £500m funding is being made available over the next two years and this money is part of the first round.

The large cash pot is being shared out between 53 trusts, with QA getting £1.4m.

A spokesman said: ‘The plans for the use of the £1.4m funding are currently being finalised.

‘However the funding will further support initiatives that we have agreed as a system to improve.

‘These plans are expected to include increasing the number of senior clinical staff in A&E over weekends.

‘That will be alongside schemes outside the hospital that will enable patients with less-serious injuries and illnesses to be seen in more appropriate settings, such as in the community to avoid admissions to the emergency department.

‘Getting this funding into the system early will be key to ensuring it has the most positive impact for patients this winter, and as always, the patient is always the centre of everything we do.’

Figures from the trust show both hospital attendances and admissions have increased over the past two years.

From October 2011, to February 2012, 39,092 people went to A&E, of whom 14,023 were admitted.

Then from October 2012, to February 2013, 41,457 patients attended the emergency department, of whom 14,693 were admitted.

The trust hopes to use the cash to alleviate pressure on the busy department, and cut waiting times for patients.

To get a second slice of cash, for the first time NHS trusts must ensure 75 per cent of their staff have had the flu vaccine.

PHT employs about 6,300 people, and of that 55 per cent – or 3,460 people – were vaccinated last year.

The spokesman added: ‘We have taken advice from NHS England to improve uptake.

‘This includes workplace vaccinators, staff letters, regular communications and reports to senior managers in service centres.’