More dementia research welcomed by Fareham MP

Mark Hoban
Mark Hoban
Picture: Malcolm Wells

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A PLEDGE to provide research into dementia has been welcomed by the Fareham MP.

Mark Hoban raised the question about dementia in parliament.

Figures show the number of patients with dementia in the Fareham and Gosport Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) has risen to 1,413 in 2014, from 1,277 in 2013.

The number of patients is estimated to continue rising as the population ages.

Earlier this year Mr Hoban took a Dementia Friends training course in Kershaw Day Centre in Wynton Way, where he learned to recognise the symptoms of dementia and was taught the practical methods to help those with the condition.

Mr Hoban said: ‘Dementia is a debilitating condition, which can devastate a family as it slowly takes away a loved one, and as these figures demonstrate, it is a serious problem in Fareham.

‘This is why I’m glad to see that this government is dedicated to boosting the research that’s needed to develop new treatments which will help the growing number of families in Fareham.’

As reported Mr Hoban also welcomes a dementia centre to open in Fareham Community Hospital, in Brook Lane, Sarisbury.

The idea has been put forward by the Fareham and Gosport CCG, as it looks to make better use of the community facility.

Last year Fareham became the first dementia-friendly town.