More opportunity for water births

Groups can apply for grant of £2,000 from Healthwatch Hampshire

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WOMEN can give birth in a new pool.

Maternity centre The Grange, in Petersfield, has received £26,500 from the NHS for the birthing pool.

Seventy per cent of the 300 births a year at The Grange are water births.

The new pool will be plumbed directly into the mains, replacing the existing non-plumbed birthing pool, meaning it will now be quicker and easier to fill and empty which will allow more women to use it.

Nearly £20,000 has also been raised over the last four years by staff, patients, Friends of the Grange and Friends of Petersfield Hospital.

The money will pay for a new birthing bed, more equipment and furnishing the room that the pool will be placed in.

Dawn Phillips, team leader at the Grange Maternity Centre, said: ‘The new pool will be much appreciated by women and midwives as it’s a purpose-built pool and will be much easier to use than the existing pool which has to be filled by tubing and the water pumped out.’