More support for diabetic smokers

Shukrya Saida signs up for further information and vouchers, helped by Shona Green. Picture: Vernon Nash

‘You don’t have to make radical changes’: Healthy food campaigners give out advice in Portsmouth

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MORE support is needed for smokers with diabetes to help kick the habit.

That’s the message from Diabetes UK.

The charity is calling for all GPs to make sure they use the annual recording of people’s smoking status as an opportunity to have a conversation to offer advice and support about stopping.

Jill Steaton, Diabetes UK South East regional manager, said: ‘Smoking dramatically increases risk of a number of conditions, including cancer and heart disease, and so is extremely dangerous whether you have diabetes or not.

‘But because diabetes puts a strain on the circulatory system and 
smoking adds to that strain, smoking is even worse for you if you have the condition.’