More workers in the NHS set to walk out over pay dispute

Residents in south east ‘in hibernation’

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RADIOGRAPHERS will be joining other NHS workers on strike.

Members of the Society of Radiographers will be walking out on Monday from 8am to midday.

As reported, other health workers from unions including Unison and Unite, will also be on strike, but from 7am to 11am.

All of those taking action have then agreed to follow this up by a week of working to rule.

The dispute is over the government’s offer of a one per cent pay increase.

Richard Evans, chief executive of the society, said: ‘The anger that our members and other NHS workers feel is very strong.

‘The devolved governments in Scotland and Wales have come to an agreement with their health workers.

‘Why are the administrations in England and Northern Ireland not even capable of meeting with the unions to discuss a creative way forward?

‘Radiographers do not want to hurt the people that they serve.

‘Steps have been taken to minimise 
the impact on patients and their 

The society said that as well as protecting the pay of current workers, it also wants to ensure pay will attract new workers to the profession.

Mr Evans added: ‘There are fears that if pay continues to fall in value, young people will not consider a career that requires three to four years of intensive training.’