MPs quizzed by young people over diabetes

AWARENESS Joseph Cobbold, Portsmouth MP Penny Mordaunt and Amy Wilton

YOUNGSTERS with diabetes had their chance to grill MPs over funding for research into the condition.

Amy Wilton, 17, from Fareham, led a group of young delegates with Type 1 diabetes to the House of Commons and gave MPs, including Penny Mordaunt and David Willetts, first hand accounts of how they live with it.

Amy was joined by eight-year-old Emma Bailey, from Leigh Park and Joseph Cobbold, 12, from North End, Portsmouth.

‘It was our chance to put MPs on the spot,’ said Amy. ‘We discovered that a lot of them did not quite understand the condition. It really helped considering they are the ones who make the decision on how much funding should be awarded to research into Type 1 diabetes.’

The condition affects about 350,000 adults in the UK, including over 26,000 children. In 2009 the government committed £51m to research but only £6m was for Type 1 diabetes. Go to

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