MPs to debate seagulls menace

Picture: Neill Harris
Picture: Neill Harris
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They can be pesky pests in Southsea, Hayling, Hill Head and seaside communities around the area and across the UK.

Now the menace of ‘aggressive’ seagulls will be debated in Parliament.

Tory MP Oliver Colvile has secured a 90-minute debate today on ‘seagulls in coastal towns and cities’.

The MP for Plymouth, Sutton and Devonport said: ‘I represent a seaside city and most certainly there have been a number of issues about aggressive seagulls.

He said businesses in seaside towns are ‘upset’ about the issue, adding: ‘In about April or so the seagulls start producing babies, or are in the process of producing babies, and local businesses and outdoor restaurants get very concerned and very upset about the issue.’

Mr Colvile said planning conditions for new buildings could include making it more difficult for seagulls, which are a protected species, to build nests on them.

He said he sought the debate because ‘I think it’s time we do this now, not wait until April when we start to have all the baby seagulls start coming and suddenly we find people get upset.’