Mum appalled after receiving parking fine while rushing girl to hospital

Tina Bohea with Emilia and the parking fine notice Picture: Sarah Standing (142516-5376)
Tina Bohea with Emilia and the parking fine notice Picture: Sarah Standing (142516-5376)
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MUM Tina Bohea says she is appalled after getting a parking ticket while she rushed her young daughter into A&E with a dog bite to her face.

The 33-year-old drove two-year-old Emilia to Queen Alexandra Hospital in Portsmouth after she was bitten by a friend’s dog while playing.

She said: ‘There was blood everywhere and Emilia had gone very pale. As I live close, I decided to drive to A&E.

‘When I got there I realised I didn’t have money on me, but it was a very emotional time.

‘I told my husband Andrew, and when he arrived two hours later, he moved the car into a barrier car park and came back to say there was a parking fine.’

Emilia was taken into children’s A&E, where she was kept in overnight and needed 15 stitches the next morning, and is now recovering well.

Mrs Bohea, of Hilltop Crescent, Cosham, said once Emilia came home, she tried to contact Carillion – the firm that runs the QA car park under the Private Finance Initiative, to get the ticket cancelled.

She said: ‘It was horrible, I wasn’t getting any response.

‘I was there because it was a genuine emergency.

‘You could see Emilia was injured and I wanted to get her help fast.’

It took a week of Mrs Bohea chasing the company before it finally realised its mistake.

Mrs Bohea added: ‘We should not have had to fight that much to get the ticket reversed.

‘A parking warden saw me and how bad Emilia was, yet I was fined.’

Carillion said fines are issued to keep cars moving.

A spokesman said: ‘There are great demands on the parking spaces at QA from patients and their carers and parking controls are an important element in the management of these spaces.

‘We try to ensure parking controls are carried out in a manner which is sympathetic to the fact that we are working in a hospital environment.

‘As soon as we were aware of the detail of Ms Bohea’s parking notice, we cancelled the notice and apologised for any upset.’