Mum names baby after surgeon who performed rare op

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GRATEFUL mum Rebecca Cusworth has named her newborn son after a surgeon who performed a rare operation that may have saved their lives.

Rebecca, 34, called her baby James Marwan in honour of Marwan Salloum, a surgeon at Queen Alexandra Hospital, Cosham, Portsmouth.

THANKS Rebecca Cusworth with consultant Marwan Salloum and baby James. Picture: Malcolm Wells (131131-0821)

THANKS Rebecca Cusworth with consultant Marwan Salloum and baby James. Picture: Malcolm Wells (131131-0821)

Mr Salloum performed a rare operation to save mother and baby after she was diagnosed with a condition called placenta percreta.

Rebecca, from Wallington, was 20 weeks pregnant when the condition, which affects fewer than one in 2,500 births, was spotted.

It happens when the baby’s

placenta attaches itself to scar tissue from a previous caesarean, and goes through the wall of the womb and into the bladder.

Rebecca’s daughter Jasmine, now two, was delivered by caesarean.

Surgery to save mother and child normally requires removal of the womb and work on the bladder – a traumatic operation that can have life-threatening consequences. But Mr Salloum, a consultant obstetrician gynaecologist surgeon, used a much less invasive procedure, called Triple P.

The operation involves the removal of just the affected section of the womb, using balloon catheters to minimise loss of blood.

It was only the fifth time the procedure had been carried out in the whole country – and Mr Salloum had never performed the operation before.

Rebecca said: ‘If he hadn’t booked me in for another scan this could have gone unnoticed and that would have been very dangerous for both of us.

‘The chances are if it wasn’t for Mr Salloum then neither of us would be here.

‘If he hadn’t carried out the Triple P procedure, I wouldn’t have recovered nearly as quickly or as well, so we’ve got a huge amount to be thankful for and we just wanted to show our gratitude.’

Mum and baby were separated immediately after the operation, and baby James Marwan was looked after at neonatal intensive care while Rebecca recovered.

But the less invasive surgery meant she was back home with husband David, 44, and Jasmine, who now dotes on her new brother, just 10 days after the surgery.

Rebecca said James is now doing fine after the operation on March 11.

She said: ‘We both got discharged from hospital together and it was great to be back at home with the family.

‘He is putting on weight beautifully, and he is a contented little baby – apart from in the middle of the night.’

Rebecca had earlier been diagnosed with a threatened miscarriage just seven weeks into her pregnancy.

Mr Salloum said the Cusworths’ decision to take his name is a first in his 26 years as a qualified doctor.

He said: ‘It brought tears to my eyes when I found out.