Mum’s anger at £60 parking fine after she rushed her daughter to Queen Alexandra Hospital

Linda Wallis with her daughter Mia''Picture: Chris Balcombe
Linda Wallis with her daughter Mia''Picture: Chris Balcombe
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WHEN her teenage daughter was doubled over in pain, Linda Wallis didn’t think twice about getting to A&E.

Mia Wallis, now 16 but 15 at the time, had previously had a cyst on her ovaries.

Fearing it was a similar problem, mum Linda, 40, took her to Queen Alexandra Hospital and paid for five hours of parking.

And despite getting a pass from the hospital to allow her to park free for the rest of the day, Mrs Wallis didn’t realise a minimum of £1.70 needs to be paid if the pass is to be used for a second day.

As a result she was fined £60 for the incident in May, which has now gone up to £100 as she refuses to pay.

Mrs Wallis, a medical secretary from Warsash, said: ‘Mia is my only daughter and she was being sick, in pain and had gone extremely pale. I didn’t call an ambulance but took her straight to the hospital myself.

‘I know there’s barrier parking, but that’s further away from A&E and Mia was doubled over in pain.

‘We went on a Sunday and Mia needed to stay overnight.

‘I was handed a pass by a nurse and was told to put it in my car so I wouldn’t have to pay.

‘To be honest I didn’t look because I was more worried about Mia. I’m so angry and annoyed with the fine.’

Mia, who went to Henry Cort Community College, was in the middle of her GCSEs when it happened.

Doctors later found a small cyst had appeared but dispersed on its own. She was able to complete her exams.

Carillion is contracted by Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust, to run the carpark.

A spokesman said: ‘There are great demands on the parking spaces at QA and parking controls are an important element in the management of these spaces.

‘Fines are used to help maintain and improve the car parks, such as improved lighting and signage.’