Mum’s anger over ‘vaping’ shop opening

Claire Marsh is worried that pupils may be tempted to take up 'vaping' ' smoking e-cigarettes. File picture: Kubice
Claire Marsh is worried that pupils may be tempted to take up 'vaping' ' smoking e-cigarettes. File picture: Kubice
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A MUM has spoken of her fears over plans to open a new e-cigarette shop close to a school.

Claire Marsh is worried that pupils on their way to Purbrook Park School may be tempted to take up ‘vaping’ – smoking e-cigarettes.

The cigarette substitutes are used by people trying to give up smoking. But they still contain nicotine and are available in a wide range of colours and styles.

A sign has gone up on a shop in London Road, close to the junction of Lansdown Avenue, although it has not opened.

Mrs Marsh said: ‘A number of pupils will be exposed to the temptation of nicotine addiction in the form of vaping, just like the poor youngsters of the 1940s and 1950s who were told smoking was “cool” and “safe”.

‘Is it appropriate in this health-conscious society?

‘After all, the laws we now have to stop traditional cigarettes advertising, to curb the nicotine cravings of smokers.

‘Why is it now okay to advertise nicotine in a different format?

‘Have we as a society learnt nothing from the problems of nicotine addiction?

‘Our NHS is overwhelmed by smoking issues.

‘Who is to say that vaping will not become the social leper that smoking became?

‘It can’t be responsible to allow new businesses of this nature to be situated so close to young impressionable adults.’

But Councillor Mike Cheshire, leader of Havant Borough Council, said the authority’s hands were tied. ‘I do sympathise with Mrs Marsh,’ he said.

‘Young people have enough distractions.

‘If a retailer breaks the law then we can do something about it. But if they are acting legally I’m afraid we can’t.’

Research is still being conducted on whether vaping poses a risk to health. You must be over 18 to buy them.

The News was unable to track down the owner of the shop.