Mum’s call for support as son says ‘I want to walk’

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A MOTHER who has said her son needs surgery to help him walk is asking for support.

Sara Farrell, 32, of Grange Crescent, in Gosport, wants the community to back her as she raises cash for her three-year-old son Aiden.

As reported, the youngster has been assessed for selective dorsal rhizotomy.

Sara said Aiden last week told her ‘I want to walk’ – the first time he has recognised he is different to other children.

‘I really want this operation because it is going to change his life so much,’ she said.

‘I am starting to panic, I said to my husband “I don’t think we’re going to be able to raise the money”.

‘He’s saying to me “I want to walk” – he said it the other day for the first time, it really did break my heart.’

Aiden has cerebral palsy and needed Botox injections, which are now wearing off, to relax his leg muscles.

But the operation would see surgeons remove the nerves that are causing Aiden’s leg muscles to tighten and then he would not need further botox.

His family need £27,000 to pay for the operation in Bristol or around £50,000 if he is to have it in America.

Originally a fundraising push was launched to pay for the botox, but the NHS stepped funded it.

Sara and dad Gevun plan to spend £5,000 already raised by readers of The News for the botox on physiotherapy after the operation.

· If you can put on a fundraising event or donate, contact reporter Ben Fishwick on (023) 9254 5804.