Mum’s delight as toddler defies medical odds

Annie Oldfield with son Charlie. ''Picture: Paul Jacobs (142058-5)
Annie Oldfield with son Charlie. ''Picture: Paul Jacobs (142058-5)
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PROUD mum Annie Oldfield is thrilled to be celebrating her son’s third birthday today.

Little Charlie has beaten the odds to survive after doctors told his mum he might not even live.

The youngster suffers from a range of disorders – including chronic kidney disease – physical disabilities, and is unable to eat. Doctors diagnosed him with a rare bone disorder syndrome.

And when Annie, of Marine Parade East, Lee-on-the-Solent, was pregnant with him, she was told the outlook was not good.

The 25-year-old said: ‘Each day I look at Charlie, I’m so proud of him, and all that he’s achieved.

‘When I was pregnant, I was told Charlie “wouldn’t be compatible with life” and wouldn’t survive.

‘After he was born, I was told he may never walk.

‘He has chronic kidney disease, he had an abnormally-shaped head, his bladder doesn’t work, he cannot eat and is tube-fed.

‘He has physical disabilities as he cannot straighten his arms, hips and legs and has a limited range of movement in most of his body.

‘My son had 10 operations in the first 20 months of his life, the most dangerous of which was an operation on his skull – to take it apart and put it back together again like a jigsaw.

‘This was to make space for his brain to grow as it had run out of room and caused masses of pressure inside his skull – he was only 20 months old.

‘If he hadn’t had his skull surgery, he may have suffered severe brain damage and blindness due to the brain being crushed by his skull.’

And proving to be a fighter, Charlie learnt to walk at the age of two.

Annie added: ‘I want to bring hope to anyone who is told that “their child will never...”.

‘My son may have been two years old when he learnt to walk, but he does.

‘And he most certainly did live, even though I was told he wouldn’t be born alive.’

Charlie will need to have a kidney transplant at some stage, and will have an operation when he’s seven, to build him a new bladder.

But today, Charlie, who starts at 
Haven Nursey School in Gosport, tomorrow, will be celebrating his third birthday at Chessington World of Adventures.