New technology to forecast health problems

HEALTH TALK Jennie Romicheva from Fareham Volunteer Action is giving a talk at Bridgemary School in Gosport
HEALTH TALK Jennie Romicheva from Fareham Volunteer Action is giving a talk at Bridgemary School in Gosport
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Chris Staples reports on the donation of new equipment to the Gosport/Fareham Breathe Easy group

It is designed to improve lung function and forecast when problems are likely so medical help can be sought in advance.

More importantly, it can also be monitored by relatives, friends, GPs and clinicians – very reassuring for sufferers.

The system is used on computer, laptop, iPad, tablet, smartphone and the NHS EMIS system.

The main part is the body analyser, which measures weight, body mass, visceral fat and muscle, and automatically transfers the information securely.

Optional extras include a buddy band, a peak flow meter measuring oxygen intake levels, a heart rate monitor, a contactless thermometer and a wrist activity tracker, which also lets you know when you need to move around.

A pulse oximeter measures wrist pulse rate and oxygen saturation in the blood­ – low levels indicate the start of problems.

It’s very accurate and can be used whenever and wherever you want­.

It gives you the means to monitor your body or, if you give someone your password, for them to do this.

It predicts when a person is likely to have problems before it becomes apparent.

Following clinical trials, NHS Choices has just approved the equipment.

Several members of the Community Respiratory Integrated Service (CRIS) team – specialist respiratory nurses from QA – have been very enthusiastic about it and have requested us to give them a presentation of it all.

It also has the potential to help clinical monitoring with other illnesses like alcohol dependency, diabetes, and obesity. This means it could be a very useful tool for GPs.

Because this equipment is so new we are offering all GP surgeries in the area the opportunity to see and test it for themselves.

So far, the CRIS team, paramedics and two Gosport surgeries have taken us up on the offer.

If you want to see SENSOR for yourself, our next meeting will be on Thursday, August 6 at 4pm at the Martin Ramsey suite, Bridgemary School, Wych Lane, Gosport.

Jennie Romicheva from Fareham Volunteer Action will be giving a talk about Walking For Health and SENSOR will be shown.

Members of CRIS, representatives from British Lung Foundation and Kevin Auton will also be present.