NHS urges people to give up alcohol

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A HEALTH trust that provides community services is encouraging people to give up booze for a month.

Solent NHS Trust is urging people to take part in Dry January.

Claire Tromans, one of the trust’s Fit 4 Life project workers, said: ‘There is absolutely no reason why people can’t start thinking about making an improvement to their health and cutting back on the alcohol before the last bell chimes on December 31.

‘Over the festive season many of us will probably drink a lot more alcohol than we usually would, which is why many people make the decision to have a break and take part in Dry January.

‘Drinking more than the recommended limits on a regular basis can have serious long-term implications for your health.

‘There are proven links to types of cancer, plus conditions including liver disease, anxiety, stomach ulcers, raised blood pressure, strokes and dementia.

To sign up, visit dryjanuary.org.uk/