Niall to donate kidney to stranger

Niall Myant, who donated a kidney at Queen Alexandra Hospital
Niall Myant, who donated a kidney at Queen Alexandra Hospital

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SURGEONS at Queen Alexandra Hospital say they are seeing a rise in people volunteering to donate a kidney to a stranger.

The Cosham hospital carries out this special type of donation, known as altruistic.

And the latest person to step forward is Niall Myant.

The 32-year-old former Hampshire resident now lives in Oman, in the Middle East. But the sailing coach flew back to England to have the operation at QA.

He said: ‘Four years ago, I was listening to an interview on the radio of someone who had decided to donate and my initial instinctive thought was “why wouldn’t you?”

‘I spent four years thinking and researching organ donation and also took advice from my GP, eventually being referred to QA.

‘I wanted to donate my kidney because I thought it’s a selfless way to help someone out.’

The operation took place earlier this year where his kidney was given to the first suitable recipient, whose identity has not been revealed – even to Mr Myant.

The altruistic living donor kidney scheme was introduced in the UK in 2006.

QA has carried out the second-highest number of such donor operations – 15 since December 2008.

There have been six carried out since April this year, another is scheduled to take place before December, and a further three people have registered for the procedure next year.

Consultant surgeon at QA Hospital, Sam Dutta, said: ‘The operation went smoothly and the kidney has been transplanted.

‘We’re very pleased with the rise in number of altruistic donors coming forward, as there is a real need for more.

‘Anyone that makes the decision will make an enormous impact and difference to someone’s life.

‘All the people that come forward have considered their choices carefully and have a good knowledge of the process which has helped them to decide to go ahead.

‘We get excellent feedback from our donors who are our best ambassadors.’