No bones about it – we’re halfway there!

THEM BONES Surgeon Gareth Harper, left, with 'Sid the Skeleton' and Mick Lyons
THEM BONES Surgeon Gareth Harper, left, with 'Sid the Skeleton' and Mick Lyons

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GENEROUS readers of The News have helped hit the halfway mark in the latest Rocky Appeal fundraising drive.

The appeal is to fund a new state-of-the-art digital keyhole surgery theatre at Queen Alexandra Hospital, Cosham.

The theatre, which would be used for treating bone problems such as fractures and repairs, will cost £450,000.

It will be the first digital keyhole theatre dedicated to orthopaedics in the country.

Thanks to the generous public, the appeal has smashed the £225,000 mark.

Now Rocky Appeal coordinator Mick Lyons is appealing to readers to help raise the remaining money to get the theatre up and running by the end of the year.

He said: ‘This theatre is so important because so many people have bone problems. The orthopaedic department at QA is the busiest in the hospital with the most patients.

‘It will be tremendous for QA to have this specialist unit which will benefit thousands of people. It’s magical what the surgeons will be able to do in it. Please help us reach the target. You don’t have to donate a lot, even a pound would help.’

The new theatre will be the third digital keyhole surgery theatre to be funded at QA by the Rocky Appeal. Two theatres opened at the hospital in March last year, in which surgeons now treat patients with conditions ranging from cancer to gall stones.

The third theatre will enable surgeons to use cameras to look inside joints and around bones, and repair damaged bone and cartilage, fix fractures and stabilise joints.

Surgeons will also be able to treat arthritis by cleaning up around bones.

Orthopaedic surgeon Gareth Harper said: ‘The equipment will mean we’ll be able to see better and get better views around joints and bones.

‘It will make surgery much easier and it will be quicker.

‘For the patients this means quicker operations, less time in hospital and shorter recovery times.

‘We’ll be able to do a lot more day surgery.’

He added: ‘We are well on our way to getting the theatre, we just need a final push.’

To donate to the appeal call Mick Lyons on (023) 9228 6487 or email