Number of patients with bed sores at Queen Alexandra Hospital reduces

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THE number of people suffering from bed sores at Portsmouth’s main hospital has fallen.

In 2010/11, there were 75 reported cases of patients at Queen Alexandra Hospital, in Cosham, suffering from skin ulcers.

But Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust, which runs the hospital, said this number has reduced thanks to better care being provided.

Its latest figures show that in 2011/12, there were 46 cases.

Barbara Topley, tissue viability clinical nurse specialist, said: ‘A significant part of my role is to prevent pressure ulcers from forming in the first place, especially in a hospital environment where people might be laid in bed or sitting for prolonged periods of time. At QA we spend a lot of our time educating staff as well as patients as to how pressure ulcers can be prevented, as well as treatment if they do occur. To prevent a pressure ulcer from developing, you should turn and change position regularly so that you are not putting ongoing pressure on the same bit of skin.

‘It is very important that you identify changes to the skin before a pressure ulcer develops – you can do this by checking the skin regularly for changes in colour, blisters, swelling, and even patches of hot or cool skin.’

Tissue viability nurse specialists will have a stand at the trust open day on Saturday, October 6, from 11am to 3pm.