Nurse role created to help mental health patients

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PATIENTS suffering with mental health issues can also be seen for physical problems by a nurse who is qualified to deal with both.

Jaqui Guile, who has been working as a registered nurse and a mental health practitioner for the past 27 years, has been appointed as a clinical matron by Solent NHS Trust.

The trust, which was formed in April this year, provides community and specialist mental health services across Portsmouth and Hampshire, and believes the role is the first of its kind in England.

Kieran Kinsella, acting associate director for adult and mental health acute for the trust, said: ‘Clients who experience a mental illness sometimes end up with physical health problems such as chronic conditions, for example like diabetes.

‘This can be due to a number of reasons, including medication. Mental health staff may miss a physical care need.

‘Bringing in Jaqui allows us to ensure some of our clients within vulnerable groups are given more full attention and improved access to the health services we offer.’