Obese people set to appear on television

One Show reporter Trish Adudu with patient Philip Perrot
One Show reporter Trish Adudu with patient Philip Perrot

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SURGICAL work carried out on obese people in a Chichester hospital will feature in a BBC programme.

St Richard’s Hospital’s centre of excellence for bariatric surgery will be on BBC’s The One Show tomorrow evening.

The programme is hosting a special report about Type 2 diabetes and stomach by-pass surgery.

It follows a patient before and after surgery; another whose life has been transformed by the operation; and leading hospital bariatric surgeon Christopher Pring.

Mr Pring said: ‘As doctors we have known for a long time that bariatric surgery is not just about weight loss but about improving health. The media and the public are now starting to understand this as well.

‘Bariatric surgery is clinically effective in offering sustained health improvement in the long term and improving life expectancy.

‘It is also cost effective in that it pays for itself in two to four years.’

The programme said that each bariatric operation costs the NHS approximately £10,000, but it is around £100,000 a year to care for someone with Type 2 diabetes.

In 2013/14 there were 348 admissions to the bariatric service at St Richard’s, and since it started operating in 2007 more than 3,000 people with severe and complex morbid obesity have been treated.

The show airs at 7pm tomorrow.