Oldest kidney donor to be given an award

Eric and Maureen Chivers from Emsworth. Eric is heaping praise on the NHS for the superb teatment he recieved when he was in hospital with a serious illness     'Picture: Ian Hargreaves

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THE country’s oldest kidney donor is being recognised for giving the gift of life.

As previously reported, pensioner Nicholas Crace made history by becoming the country’s oldest living kidney donor at the age of 83.

The operation took place in Queen Alexandra Hospital, Cosham, last year.

Now 84, Mr Crace of Overton, is also the oldest altruistic donor – someone who makes the organ donation while they are alive.

Surgeons from the Wessex Renal and Transplantation Service at QA, performed the three-hour procedure.

He is one of six people nationally, that has been given a 2013 Oldie of the Year award.

He is due to pick up the tomorrow.

Mr Crace said: ‘I don’t think I’m a very worthy winner, but I’m looking forward to going along all the same.

‘I just want to raise the profile of organ donation.

‘And I want to thank the team at QA, including Lucy Chester, for their work.’