Online medical records will aid doctors in emergencies

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A NEW online medical system has been welcomed by experts and the public.

The NHS has introduced the Summary Care Record which is a secure electronic record containing key health information.

ONLINE GPs will soon be able to tap into a national database

ONLINE GPs will soon be able to tap into a national database

The online documents will hold patient’s medications, allergies and reactions to past medicine.

The introduction to the system has been welcomed and doctors have said it will allow quick access to important documents.

Dr Jim Hogan, chief clinical officer for NHS Portsmouth Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), said: ‘The Summary Care Record provides quick access to patient’s medical history, and in an emergency time is of the essence.

‘Being able to find out relevant information about current medication, for example, enables NHS staff to provide the safest care possible, as quickly as possible – wherever in England that patient requires medical care.

‘The record is also of great benefit for more routine medical matters, as every medic involved in a patient’s care will be able to have swift access to the most up-to-date medical records available.

‘Patients can opt out of the Summary Care Record if they wish, and of course they can opt in at a later date if they change their mind.’

The new system has been met with controversy with some people having concerns about it being kept updated and accurate.

They also said the record might be too brief and this could have a negative effect.

But, people in Cosham disagreed and said the new system would save time and be more efficient.

Jonquil Snell, 73, from Critonwood Road, Southsea, said: ‘A couple of times, paperwork with all my medication has been lost so to have it all online makes it easier for the doctor.’

Andrew Howarth, 56, from Purbrook, agreed.

He said: ‘Anything that makes life easier and quicker for doctors is a good idea.

‘They have to keep patient history and medication updated anyway so it makes sense to do it on one big database.’