Only one in three eat Five A Day

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Gemma Weir and Michelle Frank. Picture: Habibur Rahman

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Many Britons are still falling to eat their five-a-day portion of fruit or veg as new research showed an apple or banana a day can cut heart attack deaths by a third .

The study, conducted by researchers from Oxford University, was partly funded by the British Heart Foundation

The charity’s senior dietitian Victoria Taylor said only a third of people in the UK currently get their five-a-day.

She said: “The results of this study support the current dietary recommendations in the UK to eat more fruit and vegetables.

“While the five portions of fruit and vegetables a day recommendation has been in place for some time in the UK it’s one that we are still struggling to meet.

“On average we eat around four portions a day, with only around a third of adults getting their five-a-day.

“Five-a-day is something to aim for but if you struggle to eat fruit and vegetables, build up gradually - every extra portion of fruit or vegetables that you can get into your diet will help.

“As well as fresh, tinned, frozen, dried and, once a day, 150ml of juice count towards your five.”