Only use antibiotics as you are instructed, say doctors for Portsmouth area

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DOCTORS in charge of buying in health services for the Portsmouth area are urging people not to use too many antibiotics.

The Portsmouth, Fareham and Gosport and South Eastern Hampshire Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) are all backing European Antibiotic Awareness Day on November 18.

Dr Kevin Vernon, from the Portsmouth CCG, said: ‘Allowing antibiotic resistance to develop is a serious public health threat.

‘It could mean in years to come the antibiotic which once saved life will no longer kill bacteria because bacteria is fighting back and becoming more resistant.

‘By using fewer antibiotics, we can slow down the development of that resistance.

‘Only take antibiotics when you are prescribed and follow your doctor’s advice.

‘If you don’t follow the instructions properly, for example if you shorten the length of time of treatment, take a lower dose or don’t take the antibiotics at the correct time intervals, bacteria can become resistant.’