Overdose Awareness Day aims to save lives

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VITAL life-saving skills to help reverse an overdose will be taught as part of an drug-awareness event for International Overdose Awareness Day.

Inclusion Recovery Hampshire are holding the session at The Orion Centre, Leigh Park, on Wednesday August 31 from 1pm-4pm. Inclusion are a substance misuse service which cover the Hampshire area.

In 2014, there were 2,248 deaths caused overdose involving illegal drugs in England and Wales.

Amanda Wintetroube, Southern sector lead for Inclusion, said: ‘We decided to run the event on International Overdose Awareness Day as it would be the perfect opportunity to get our message across.

‘People need to remember that overdose does happen but there are ways in which we can prevent some from overdosing. We’re inviting current users of the service, recoverees, their family and friends but we’d also really love members of the public to come and learn more about what we do. From 1-2pm, a training session on the administration of Naloxone will be open to service users, families and carers and Inclusion’s partnership agencies.

Naloxone is a medication which is injected to reverse an opiate overdose. Inclusion are committed to training as many people as possible in issuing this life saving drug.

This will be followed by an afternoon tea, releasing of balloons and reading poems in remembrance of lives lost to overdose and substance misuse.

Amy said: ‘We want the event to be both educational, to raise more awareness surrounding overdose, but also a celebration of those who have overcome their issues.

‘We do strive to get users successfully through their difficulties but we don’t guarantee it.

‘We provide support and measures that can teach people to save themselves but ultimately people need to find the right path for them to change their life.’

International Overdose Awareness Day is held on August 31 each year and aims to raise awareness of overdose and reduce the stigma of a drug-related death.