Parents praise QA Hospital for saving life of mum and son

Queen Alexandra Hospital

Tough new targets unveiled to reduce bed blocking at Portsmouth’s QA Hospital

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A MOTHER has praised the remarkable efforts of medics at Queen Alexandra Hospital who helped to save her life and that of her newborn son.

Overwhelmed Sally Sola has recounted the horrifying moment she almost bled to death following a complication after giving birth to her second son at the Cosham hospital.

The Sola family ' dad Ben and mum Sally with Thomas (four) and Alexander (one)  Picture by Antony Thompson, Thousand Word Media

The Sola family ' dad Ben and mum Sally with Thomas (four) and Alexander (one) Picture by Antony Thompson, Thousand Word Media

Sally’s story is just one of many which show how hard the staff work to give life-saving care every day.

And to highlight the good work that goes on behind the scenes at the QA, The News has launched our We Love QA campaign.

Over the coming weeks we will be sharing the stories of patients, like Sally, (pictured right with Alexander), who want to say thanks to the hospital and tell their stories about the incredible care they were given.

The 37-year-old started bleeding heavily six days after giving birth to her son Alexander.

She had to be rushed to hospital where doctors operated on her to stop the bleeding and save her life.

Then, just three days later, she suffered another life-threatening bleed requiring a second major operation.

In all, the young mum was given three units of blood during her two procedures at QA.

Praising the doctors and paramedics who helped her, she said: ‘They saved my life in the first instance.

‘I thank my lucky stars staff were so responsive, caring and knew what they were doing.

‘It sounds stupid but I had complete and utter faith in them and if it wasn’t for them I wouldn’t be with my husband and two children today. I’m very grateful.’

Husband Ben added: ‘It’s no exaggeration to say that they saved my wife’s life.

‘My sons have got a mother and I have got a wife. What they have done means the world to us.’

The drama happened at Sally’s home in Hill Head on July 23 last year.

Sally and Ben had just put their two children, four-year-old Thomas and newborn Alexander, to bed when Sally began bleeding.

Recounting the moment, she said: ‘I was on the

sofa, exhausted, both kids had just gone to bed, and I stood up and there was a lot of blood.

‘It was so heavy, and it soon became apparent something wasn’t right, but because it’s normal to bleed after you have a child I didn’t realise at first just how bad it was.

‘I was panicking but I also went into practical mode and started thinking, “what am I going to do with the kids if I need to go to hospital?”.’

Ben – who is a former Flight Lieutenant charged with co-ordinating search and rescue helicopters from Lee-on-the-Solent – instantly dialled 999.

He said the incident was one of the most terrifying moments of his life.

‘I knew it was serious and that there was nothing I could do,’ he said.

‘It was entirely out of my hands. To someone who is used to providing help to other people, to now be in that position where I couldn’t do anything was horrible.

‘It was scary. My wife’s life was entirely in the hands of the paramedics and the doctors.’

He added: ‘She’s fine now, but if it had not been for the speed of the ambulance and the speed and quality of care at the QA, I don’t know what we would have done.’

Ben’s mother is a nurse and he admits he has a soft spot in his heart for people in the medical profession.

‘Nursing is an emotionally draining business,’ he said.

The family have now spoken out about their ordeal as a way of thanking all the medical staff involved in the operation.

Ben added his family had been ‘heavy users’ of QA services and that during Christmas doctors at the site saved the life of Alexander after he suffered a severe case of bronchitis.

He recovered and the family, who have since moved to Cheltenham, is now thriving.

They said they would never forget the efforts of QA staff.


The News has launched a new campaign to celebrate the life-saving care given to patients at Queen Alexandra Hospital.

Our We Love QA campaign will highlight the incredible treatment patients at the Cosham site receive when they need it most.

We are encouraging patients to get in touch and share their stories and voice their thanks to the nurses, doctors, surgeons and other clinical staff who contributed to their care.

Like Sally Sola, there are many occasions when medics deal with patients in need of life-saving care.

Bbut often they go unnoticed and are not celebrated.

We want to change that and shine a light on the good work at QA.

Following a recent damning Care Quality Commission report and signs of the hospital struggling during the winter months, we felt it was important to raise awareness of all the good work, as well as the troubles facing the hospital.

But that said, we have a duty as local press to also report on the bad stories and highlight when the hospital is underperforming.

Although our We Love QA campaign will share the good stories, it will not stop us, when needed, reporting on problems or issues.

We need to strike a balance in reporting on the hospital fairly and accurately - as we have done in the past.

With this campaign, we look to carry on doing that by showing how much the staff do for our readers in the area.


THE new chief executive of Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust has welcomed a campaign by The News to celebrate staff through the stories of patients.

Today we have launched our We Love QA campaign to shine a light on the life-saving treatment given to patients at Queen Alexandra Hospital.

We are calling on patients to share their stories of medics who went above and beyond.

Mark Cubbon, who joined the trust earlier this year, said: ‘Despite the difficult months that QA Hospital has faced, it is great that so many people can talk openly about their positive experiences of when staff have gone above and beyond in caring for them and their loved ones.

‘Our staff are highly motivated to provide the very best care for each and every patient.

‘It is important for us to hear when we get things right, as much as when we need to do better.

‘I look forward to reading the stories over the coming weeks.’