Party – but stay safe Hampshire’s ambulance service urge

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AS the party season gathers pace, South Central Ambulance Service is urging revellers to stay safe and warm.

During the festive season there is always an increase in calls to the emergency services, due to the combination of Christmas parties and freezing temperatures.

In the last two years more than 1,500 calls a day were received by the service over the Christmas holiday period, peaking at more than 2,000 calls on New Year’s Day this year.

With the hope of reducing some of the pressure on the service, the service is advising people to take precautions to protect themselves.

It is recommending wearing several thin layers rather than a few thick ones, knowing the out-of-hour numbers for your doctor and dentist surgery, and to take care when driving as there might be ice around.

The service also advises people should stock up their medicine cabinets in advance.

To drive the message home, the service has released two funny films which can be seen on Youtube.

See the videos at and