Patient give high satisfaction rate for Gosport same-day access service

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RESPONSES from surveys show people are happy with a health service offering same-day appointments.

Gosport’s Same Day Access Service, at Gosport War Memorial Hospital, is receiving high satisfaction rates from patients.

A questionnaire completed by 287 people, who had just attended an appointment, asked about the effort made by the healthcare professional to understand the health issues, if they listened to what mattered most to the patient and included them in the next steps.

The results showed 43 per cent of respondents gave a maximum triple nine rating for the three questions while another 31 to 38 per cent returned satisfaction scores of seven or eight out of nine.

Fewer than 10 per cent gave scores of zero to four.

As previously reported, the same-day access service is resourced by staff from Waterside, Stoke Road, Brune and Forton medical practices.

It provides phone triage and face-to-face appointments for GPs, nurses, physiotherapy and other services.