Patient records being shared in full among health workers in Portsmouth

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HEALTH workers will now have access to their patients’ full records, as part of a new information-sharing system.

The NHS said it was writing to ‘tens of thousands’ of patients across Portsmouth to let them know of the changes.

Until now, GP or community nurses have often had to make decisions about patient care without being able to see their full medical history, or whether they have allergies, or have already had certain medical tests.

But under the new system they are able to see all information about the patient on file and not just their own locally-held record.

NHS Portsmouth Clinical Commissioning Group chief clinical officer Dr Jim Hogan said: ‘I am really pleased that so many GP practices have decided to make this change, and believe it can be a real benefit to their patients.

‘I think most people would find it bizarre that, after almost 70 years of the NHS, we are still in a position where a community nurse cannot see what tests a GP has arranged for their patient, or a GP cannot check what treatments a community nurse has been providing.

‘This change will ensure GPs, community nurses, and mental health teams have all the information they need when making decisions about their patient’s care.

‘It will also help to end the situation where patients end up having to explain their history over and over again.’

Patients can opt out of the system.