Patient records will be easier to access

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ALL 11 GP practices in Gosport will be using the same software to access patient record systems for the first time.

It means, with patient consent, doctors, nurses or other clinicians at any practice can access someone’s records if they need to from the newly-created Gosport War Memorial Hospital hub.

This is rather than just the practice where the patient is registered.

Clinicians from four practices are pooling staff resources at GWMH to provide a faster service to patients from their practices wanting to speak to a health professional on the day they make contact.

Dr Donal Collins, chairman of the locality board, which includes all the Gosport practices, said: ‘This is good news for the practices, but more importantly it’s very good news for patients too.

‘It means that any clinician working on the Same Day Access Service pilot can, providing a patient has given prior consent, look at a patient’s notes and continuity of care.

‘It could help them be aware of critical information which a patient forgot to mention for any reason, such as a prescribed drug that they might be receiving.

‘It will significantly improve patient safety.’