Patients at QA Hospital have access to digital letters

QA Hospital in Cosham. Picture: Will Caddy
QA Hospital in Cosham. Picture: Will Caddy
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NEARLY half of patients have ditched posted appointment letters.

Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust is one of four trusts in the country to have launched digital letters that can be accessed on mobile phones

The trust, which runs Queen Alexandra Hospital, said 40 per cent of its patients have used the service.

The letters are sent to patients if they have a mobile number registered with QA. Using the digitalised service, patients can also rebook, cancel or confirm the appointment in one click.

If they don’t, or the letter isn’t accessed in 48 hours, then a letter is sent by post.

Gillian Ryan, from the trust, said: ‘Since starting on the 3rd October 2017, 40 per cent of our patients have accessed this service. It’s an exciting program that allows us to provide our patients with up-to-date information about their appointments.’

Healthcare Communications created the patient portal to fill the efficiency gap in NHS postal letter costs.

Mike Cunningham, managing director, said: ‘To see the daily uptake and readiness of patients to communicate this way is so exciting for the digital future of the NHS.’