Penny Mordaunt wants more life-saving devices in city

CPR and defibrillator training
CPR and defibrillator training
  • Portsmouth MP joins The News’ campaign
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PORTSMOUTH North MP Penny Mordaunt is making it her mission to get more defibrillators in the city.

She is backing The News’ campaign to double the number of the life-saving devices across the area.

Her main focus is schools and she would like to see every school – particularly secondary schools – have a device installed.

In recent weeks, Ms Mordaunt’s has been in meetings with Dave Curry, chief officer at Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service.

Her plan is to build a programme of activities to promote defibrillator and CPR training.

She believes schools would be a good base for defibrillators, because of the large number of people taking part in sporting activities during the day and evenings.

She said: ‘I think there should be a network.

‘The priority is schools – and the advice is secondary schools.

‘Having them available in areas where you are going to have people congregating – whether it be a community building or a shopping or entertainment area – a lot could be done to build up a network and just keep on going.

‘The most important thing is training and getting people to know what to do when presented with that situation.’

She added: ‘The best city for surviving a heart attack is Seattle. They are the gold standard.

‘It would be fantastic if we could start to get our numbers up.

‘Portsmouth is a place where we can get campaigns like this to work really effectively.

‘It could help us become a very resilient city by giving the people the opportunity to learn more about this.’

The Department of Education is encouraging schools to consider buying the devices. The department has struck a deal with NHS Supply Chain for schools to buy them at a reduced cost, starting at around £680.


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