People can improve Portsmouth health services by helping CQC

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PEOPLE using health and social care services can help improve them by taking part in inspections by the Care Quality Commission.

Company Remploy operates the Experts by Experience programme in Portsmouth and supports CQC inspections.

The project is for people who have experience of using health and social care services either personally or as a carer for a family member. They bring a user’s perspective to the inspections and know which questions to ask to get as much information as possible.

Their findings are used to support the inspectors’ judgments on services and can also be included in inspection reports. The CQC is seeking to expand the Experts by Experience programme and Remploy is looking to recruit individuals.

Gareth Parry, chief executive of Remploy, said: ‘Experts by Experience plays a vital role in providing expert advice to the CQC inspection teams.

‘They bring first-­hand experience and expertise to inspection teams and Mental Health Act visits to improve the outcome of social care service inspections.’

Remploy particularly wants to hear from carers of family members with dementia and older people, carers of family members with learning disabilities and people who have recently accessed mental health services.

They want people with physical or sensory impairments and people with dementia.

For more information phone 0300 456 8123 or email