Petersfield charity says social care budget is not enough

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A CHARITY supporting people with learning disabilities has criticised the budget and is calling for a more long-term funding plan.

FitzRoy, based in Petersfield, said the extra £2bn given for social care in the budget, announced by chancellor of the exchequer Philip Hammond earlier this week, is not enough.

Anna Galliford, chief executive, said: ‘As Phillip Hammond announces a welcome cash injection of an extra £2bn to fund social care over three years, we know this is not enough.

‘The significant challenges facing learning disability providers will not be addressed until the government gets behind a fundamental review into health and social care.

‘At FitzRoy we believe, firstly, that providers need to be involved in decision making and reviews. Secondly, we need a better long-term funding deal. Charity sector providers are facing hourly rates as low as £12.50. This rate for commissioned hours is hardly enough to cover basic needs.

‘These factors lead to real concerns about the future for people with learning disabilities. If we are to do more than simply plaster over the cracks we urgently need a long-term funding plan.’