Petition launched against new rise in QA Hospital parking charges

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AROUND 500 people have signed a petition to stop hospital car parking charges rising next year.

The petition was started by Kirstine Impey, after a friend paid out £70 in parking fees at Queen Alexandra Hospital, Cosham, in one week.

Kirstine Impey and her petition.

Kirstine Impey and her petition.

She said: One of my friend’s mum went into the hospital, and in the week they visited, they had to pay out £70 in parking charges.

‘That’s a lot of money, and I thought that’s just one week.

‘What happens if you’re going backwards and forwards over a longer period of time?

‘And if you have an appointment, you’re not always seen at that time, and could be later, which means you pay more for your parking.’

Kirstine, of Fairfield Square, in Wymering, said that the petition was started to urge contractors Carillion, which runs the car park through a PFI agreement, not to raise charges again next April.

Kirstine added: ‘I’ve collected about 500 signatures in five weeks.

‘It’s about asking Carillion if they can reduce the charges, or not raise them next year.’

Councillor Darren Sanders and Mike Hancock, MP for Portsmouth South, have asked for a meeting with Carillion to discuss the charges.

It is hoped the petition will also be presented to the company.

Cllr Sanders said: ‘I’ve had complaints about the increase in parking charges at QA.

‘There’s a petition that has been started, and we will present this to Carillion.

‘At the moment we don’t know where money brought in from car parking charges go, so that would be good to find out.’

Carillion last put the prices up in April this year – it costs £1.70 for one hour, £2.80 for two hours, £4.10 for three hours, £5.10 for four hours, £7.30 for up to six hours, £9.50 for more than six hours, £11.10 for more than eight hours, and £16.60 for more than 12 hours.

Jane Smith, spokeswoman for Carillion said: ‘We would be open to a meeting to discuss charges.

‘There are no plans to increase charges this year, but we will look at it in April and look at the Retail Price Index.

‘Money raised goes towards maintaining the car park.’