Pharmacy scheme praise

Hampshire County Council wins grant for mental health projects for men

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AN NHS project in Portsmouth has been recognised nationally.

Pharmacies in Portsmouth who help patients improve their health and deliver a range of services are given awards.

Now, representatives from the General Pharmaceutical Council will be visiting two of the pharmacies with ‘Healthy Living’ status tomorrow to see their work.

They will be speaking with pharmacists and customers to find out how the scheme has benefited them since it was launched a year ago.

‘We’re looking forward to welcoming visitors to our store as we are very proud of what we have achieved,’ said Anita Flake, health trainer champion at City Pharmacy.

‘For example we are currently helping 26 people to quit smoking, and since April last year, across the all the pharmacies in the city we’ve helped 339 people to stop smoking.’

City Pharmacy was nominated as The News’ Best of Health awards Pharmacy of the Year and awarded NHS Portsmouth Healthy Living Pharmacy Smoke-Free Champions trophy.