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Alfie Evans, who is on a life support machine ''Submitted by Chris Hargrave March 30, 2018 PPP-180330-181423001

NATIONAL: Tot Alfie Evans is ‘breathing’ after life-support was axed

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AN ONLINE cookbook has been launched to help families eat more healthily and save money.

The Supermeals campaign provides recipes that are easy to follow and use fresh ingredients.

There are also options to create a seven-day meal plan.

Dr Ruth Milton, director of public health for the primary care trust cluster that covers Portsmouth, said: ‘We realise that families often want to lose weight and get fit, but are also watching the pennies.

‘Help is at hand with the new online Supermeals zone, which contains a seven-day meal planner with lots of ideas.

‘You can also arrange for recipes to be emailed to you.

‘Eating better and becoming more physically active can significantly improve your health and the Supermeals can help you make small easy changes that will benefit all your family.’

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