Plans for ward rounds by nurses welcomed

Charity is praised for its efforts in the city

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THE body that represents nurses in Hampshire has welcomed government plans for hourly ward rounds by nurses to be introduced in hospitals.

Prime minister David Cameron also said yesterday he wanted more patients to carry out inspections to improve hospital standards.

The Royal College of Nursing (RCN), which represents the nursing profession, has welcomed the idea.

Patricia Marquis, regional director of the RCN south east, said: ‘We are in support of the announcement and keen to see it happen. Nurses by and large came into the profession to care for people.

‘But over a long period of time this has slipped away.

‘A lot of time is taken up with paperwork and collecting information and data.

‘I think since the efficiency savings have been put in place, that’s when things have got tight.

‘Whereas before there were other people to do the paperwork, now one person does many jobs.

‘Of course the real challenge is seeing how it will work.

‘About a year ago Queen Alexandra Hospital in Cosham introduced the system again and it has been working well.

‘We support the idea.’