Pompey star pays a surprise visit to QA

Football mad Adam Brombley, Portsmouth Football Club ambassador, Alan Knight and QA teacher Emma Scarrott.
Football mad Adam Brombley, Portsmouth Football Club ambassador, Alan Knight and QA teacher Emma Scarrott.
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Picture: Ian Hargreaves (171697-1)

All smiles as Pompey players visit QA Hospital

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FOOTBALL-mad Adam Brombley was surprised to see a Pompey legend turn up at hospital to see him.

The 14-year-old was diagnosed with a tumour in his heart and chest last year.

He has been a patient at Queen Alexandra Hospital in Cosham where he gets help from on-site teacher Emma Scargott.

And when she learnt that Adam was a massive Pompey fan, she organised a surprise visit from ex-keeper Alan Knight, nicknamed Legend after his long service with the Blues.

Adam, of Emsworth, said: ‘This was such a surprise and I’m grateful to Emma and the club for thinking of me and coming down and presenting me with this memorabilia. I have always been a huge fan of the club so this means a lot.’

Mr Knight presented Adam with a club ball in glass case and a signed shirt.

He said ‘As soon as we heard about Adam we wanted to come down and meet him personally, and we hope that Adam will come down and watch a match in the new season and meet the players.’

Before being diagnosed with a tumour, Adam had chest pains, shortness of breath and a fast heartrate, but doctors initially thought the symptoms were from his asthma. However a chest X-ray discovered a problem, and further tests found he had a fast-growing tumour which was measured as the size of a melon. He started receiving chemotherapy and is often in-and-out of Southampton General Hospital and QA.

Emma said: ‘Educating a child in hospital is more of a challenge than a traditional school as you don’t know the child or their educational background.

‘The hospital stay will also be a change to their life and it may be the first time they have been separated from their family and friends.

‘The child’s stay could be the result of a traumatic incident, or be the onset of a condition that will impact on their future.

‘In addition I will be asking them to complete school work in between what could be invasive and painful procedures.

‘So it’s important that I connect with the child and build a friendship with them.’