Portsmouth Bishop is grateful that LCP is under review

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THE Catholic Bishop of Portsmouth has praised the Government’s decision to review the Liverpool Care Pathway.

Bishop Philip Egan gave a Teaching Message which outlined the care of dying for Catholics and the work of the Liverpool Care Pathway, which works to improve the lives of people who are dying.

The association aims to alleviate suffering and assist medical staff in caring for those who are terminally ill.

But, the group is now being reviewed by the Government after claims that hospitals had been paid to put patients on the pathway.

In light of this news, Bishop Egan said he was grateful that such action was taking place.

He said: ‘I had some reservations about the Liverpool Care Pathway, principally with regard to its day to day application in our busy hospitals and care homes.

‘I am very grateful that the Government has now set up a review in order to fine-tune and improve the Liverpool Care Pathway.

‘One of my reservations was the payment of financial “incentives” to hospitals to put patients on the LCP.

‘I am delighted therefore that the Government is going to stop these payments and thus avoid any potential confusion.’