Portsmouth charity donates to QA as thanks for hard work

City of Portsmouth Charitable Friends handing over money raised to the QA's Surgical Emergency Department

A CHARITY has donated money to Queen Alexandra Hospital as a thank you for all the hard work it does.

The City of Portsmouth Charitable Friends donated £200, 15 fans and toiletries to the surgical assessment unit at the Cosham facility.

We were amazed at how much people were willing to help.

Marcella Payne

The ward, for patients who need emergency operations, asked for a small donation and the group were more than happy to help.

Marcella Payne, co-ordinator for the City of Portsmouth Charitable Friends, said: ‘When the E1 ward got in touch, we were really keen to help them.

‘They do amazing work and we thought it would be nice to support them.

‘The staff told us they were in need of fans to help keep the patients cool and comfortable and they also needed toiletries as a lot of their patients do not bring them with them into hospital because they are emergency admissions.

‘We had businesses in Portsmouth donate £25 for the fans and, at a coffee morning, we asked visitors to donate the toiletries. We were amazed at how much people were willing to help.

The City of Portsmouth Charitable Friends, who were formed from the previous Lord Mayor’s Committee, are sharing their story as part of The News’ We Love QA campaign.

We launched the campaign last month to encourage our readers and patients at the hospital to share when they have received outstanding care.

We also want to hear when staff have gone above and beyond or if people want to highlight the good work of the hospital teams.

Marcella added: ‘The staff in the E1 ward were really grateful about the donations and we were pleased to help them.

‘They give amazing care and want to ensure the patients are as comfortable and happy as possible.’

Pam Whalley is a sister on the surgical assessment unit. She said: ‘We are so thankful for the donations.

‘It will make such a difference to our patients coming through the ward.

‘We want to thank everyone.’

The City of Portsmouth Charitable Friends are holding another fundraising event on October 19 between 1pm and 3pm at Friends House, on Elm Grove.

Marcella said they were hoping to raise money for lots of different organisations who needed a little bit of support.

Entry for the coffee morning is £3 and pays for a drink and cake.

It is raising money for the Poppy Appeal.

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